Welcome to Warren Eye Care Center

Since 1997, Dr. Warren and his staff have been providing high quality eye care and eyewear to the residents of Racine.

Conveniently located on Racine's north side with easy access from Racine, Caledonia, Franksville, Oak Creek and the rest of the Greater Racine Area.


Eye Care News

[1/1] MedicineNet Eyesight General
MedicineNet Eyesight General

[1/10] polymyxin B sulfate and trimethoprim (Polytrim)

[2/10] Disease Severity in One Eye May Predict Progression in the Other

[3/10] Goodbye to Reading Glasses?

[4/10] Eye Care

[5/10] Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, and Magnifying Glasses

[6/10] Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Shows Long-Term Effectiveness, Safety

[7/10] Scleritis

[8/10] Vitamin E, Selenium Supplements Don't Seem to Prevent Cataracts

[9/10] Researchers Probe Molecular Cause for Glaucoma

[10/10] Health Tip: Protect Your Eyes at Work
[1/1] Eye Health / Blindness News From Medical News Today
Latest Health News and Medical News posted throughout the day, every day.

[1/10] New gene linked to blindness and Parkinson's diseases

[2/10] Progression of age-related macular degeneration in 1 eye then other eye

[3/10] User-friendly electronic 'EyeCane' enhances navigational abilities for the blind

[4/10] Blind cave fish may provide insight on eye disease and other human health issues

[5/10] iPads detect early signs of glaucoma in Nepal eye screening

[6/10] 3-D printed facial prosthesis offers new hope for eye cancer patients following surgery

[7/10] Research reveals likelihood, onset of MS diagnosis among patients with inflammatory eye disease

[8/10] Virtual patients come alive in new simulation lab at University of Houston

[9/10] Tear duct implant effective at reducing pain and inflammation in cataract surgery patients

[10/10] iPhones for eye health: Capturing ocular images in difficult-to-photograph patients
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